A special tour to experience
the world of

Osuwa Daiko

We introduce a special tour where you can fully experience the world of OsuwaDaiko.

Sacred Suwa: An Exclusive Private Tour of One of Japan's Most Venerable Shrines & Special Musical Dedication to the Gods of Nature at Buppo Shoryuji Temple

Guided by Makoto Yamamoto, the successor of OsuwaDaiko, this tour explores the Suwa faith while visiting Suwa Grand Shrine and Buppo Shoryuji Temple, and allows you to experience the depth of Suwa's history and culture.
The highlight will be a dedication performance of the OsuwaDaiko drum, allowing you to experience the essence of the Suwa faith

162,500 yen (tax included) ~/group (varies depending on the number of people in the group)

Suwa Grand Shrine Honmiya, Buppo Shoryuji Temple

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OsuwaDaiko resounds over Lake Shirakaba!
A special time to enjoy the “sound and resonance” offered to the gods

This is a special experience where you can deepen your understanding of the local culture and natural beliefs while reliving the communication that humans originally had with nature at Lake Shirakaba, which is rich in nature.

The powerful sound of the drums shakes the surface of the water, making you feel as if you are one with the surrounding mountains.

130,000 yen (tax included)/group

Lakeside of Lake Shirakaba

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OsuwaDaiko Successor Makoto Yamamoto
Born into the family of OsuwaDaiko, which continues to pass down the Daidai Kagura of Suwa Grand Shrine, he studied under both Daihachi Oguchi, head of the OsuwaDaiko family, and Mikio Yamamoto, director of the same school. He grew up touring both domestically and internationally, and served as head of the children's club and chairman. As a soloist, he has performed with Kitaro and others since he was a teenager in the large song ``Ashura'' (composed by Daihachi Oguchi), which is played using a combination of five types of drums.

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Makoto Yamamoto